VW camper van repairs at Westcoast Transporters are part of the ongoing services we supply to ensure your van is enjoyed, that is why it is of the utmost importance to keep your van maintained to the highest standard, prolonging its life while keeping you and your family safe while on your adventures.

We offer a full range of VW camper van repairs and other garage services tailored to the needs of your beloved van. View our list of services and prices below:

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VW Camper MOT Preparation and Repairs

Westcoast Transporters have the required expertise to prepare your vehicle to the appropriate standard, in order to pass an MOT. An MOT test is a legal requirement to keep your vehicle on the road. We are fully qualified mechanics and can quickly and efficiently perform the necessary remedial works required to ensure that your camper van has the best chance of passing the MOT test. An MOT service checks that your vehicle is roadworthy and safe for both you and other road users. You can either contact us by the contact page or by phone via the home page.

If your vehicle fails its MOT you are prohibited to drive it until the problems are rectified. Here at Westcoast Transporters, we pride ourselves on identifying and fixing any faults as quickly as possible to get your van back on the road in no time. We will do all we can to get your vehicle’s condition up to the appropriate standard to pass an MOT. We will also advise you of any issues we may have uncovered that might cause difficulties further down the line, even if the problem isn’t serious enough to cause an MOT failure on this occasion.

This will enable you to choose whether to rectify the problem before it deteriorates further and costs more to fix.

MOT Safety Test & Gas Certification £150

This package includes an MOT and then a thorough inspection of your Gas system which is certified by a Gas Safe registered engineer.



Westcoast Transporters is an independent garage specialising in all VW camper van repairs, getting your van ready for MOT’s on all makes of vans and camper vans. Based in Weston-Super-Mare, we serve the local area including Bristol and Taunton. Due to our excellent reputation, we also attract camper van enthusiasts from much further afield.

We have knowledge and expertise in the servicing of vehicles and can offer your van the tender loving care it requires.

We offer a range of servicing packages as follows:

Oil Service for Your VW T4/T5 from £214.50

This package includes an Oil Service which includes the following parts and labour:

• Fuel Filter  • Oil Filter • Air Filter • Pollen Filter • Long Life Oil

Full Servicing Available for your VW T4/T5 from £291.50

Cambelt & Water Pump Change VW T4/T5

Having your cambelt and water pump changed regularly reduces the chances of engine failure, in the long run this could save you money.

VW T4 Prices
£495 – VW T4 1.9TD Cambelt Change including Water Pump
£515 – VW T4 2.5TDI Cambelt Change including Water Pump

VW T5 Prices
£545 – VW T5 1.9TDI Cambelt Change including Water Pump
£555 – VW T5 2.0TDI Cambelt Change including Water Pump
(Please note this price does not include any additional parts or labour if required.)

Engine Tuning

Engine tuning is again, just one part of the service we provide within  all aspects of VW camper van repairs ensuring your T5  vehicle is fully maintained.

We offer full engine tuning services and specialise in VW engine tuning. Westcoast Transporters have a high level of expertise in On Board Diagnostics, ECU Remapping and Chip Tuning. We can carry out all works at our workshop and we also offer a fully mobile service throughout the UK. Remapping the vehicle ECU can increase BHP, torque and fuel economy.

Using the latest in tuning technology the driveability of your vehicle will be dramatically improved without compromising the vehicles reliability. Here at Westcoast Transporters, we can tune 99% of all cars and vans manufactured from 1996 onwards. We have earned an excellent reputation for our knowledge and expertise in VW engine tuning and can offer further impartial advice on how to improve your vehicle’s performance as required. Call us today to find out more.