T5 conversions include all Bodywork and repairs tailored to your vehicle. Here at Westcoast Transporters, we offer a variety of  services tailored to your individual requirements.

T5 conversions, including T4 and all camper van alterations are a major part of any van rebuild. We have years of experience of restoring and repairing vehicles and we specialise in the restoration and repair of VW camper vans. We offer a full colour matching service and can perform bodywork repairs from a small scuff in the paintwork to a full vehicle respray. As well as restoring paintwork, we can also refurbish alloy and steel wheels returning them back to their former glory, saving you a fortune on buying a new set of wheels. Visit our Wolfrace page to complete the design!

For those who desire a unique custom look for their VW camper van or other vehicle, we can perform custom paint jobs and can also colour code bumpers, spoilers and any other part as requested. We can also assist with custom designs and help provide inspiration so that your van stands out from the crowd. In addition, we offer welding and panel beating services which can get your van back into shape in no time. Below is an overview of the services we provide.

If you would like more information on any of the services below please do not hesitate to contact us via the enquiry form on our Contact page or by telephone. We are always happy to help.

•  Paint Repairs  •  Full Resprays  •  Colour Coding Bumpers, Spoilers, Mirrors etc…  •   One off Custom Paint Jobs  •

•  Wheel Refurbishment  •   Powder Coating  •  Welding/Panel beating  •  Polishing/Mopping  •


before shot of camper van interior


camper van interior


exterior paint job on camper van


vw camper van exterior

Accident Repair

Direct Accident Management Services

If an accident is not your fault, you don’t have to use your own insurance company. We provide a suitable hire vehicle, but not if we are doing  T5 conversions on a project van you have supplied us. They are delivered when and where you want it. Importantly you can have your vehicle repaired here at Westcoast Transporters. In the most extreme cases, if your vehicle is deemed a write-off, you will receive a cheque for the vehicles Pre-Accident Value, plus you get the option to keep the vehicle.

We specialise in all aspects of van, car and motorcycle accidents from start to finish by removing the hassle and inconvenience of constant telephone calls and communication with your insurer and third parties. Don’t forget, if the accident is not your fault then you don’t have to use your own insurance company.

Here are some useful tips if you’ve been involved in a non-fault accident:

•   Stop at the scene if you think the accident has caused injuries, damage to vehicles or property.  •  Call 999 (or 112) immediately if anyone is injured or the accident is causing a hazard.  •  Stay calm and don’t lose your temper.  •  Get details from all parties involved.

Then call us and we can arrange the following:

•  Recovery of your vehicle, either from the accident scene or other compound  •  Speedy repair or storage of your bike  •  100% compensation for you  •  Like for like hire bike or car  •  Like for like helmet replacement  •  Hire vehicle delivered within 24 hours of authorisation