Volkswagen windows are a part of the complete camper van conversions carried out at Westcoast Transporters. Our camper van windows come with black tint as standard and all our windows are safety marked giving you extra peace of mind. Having a tint on your windows is perfect for maintaining a level of privacy within your van and can also help keep the glare of the sun at bay.

Volkswagen windows for our camper vans are tinted at the factory and because of this they much more durable and do not suffer from perishing issues unlike most of the cheaper tints on the market that peal or have marks. We have a variety of windows that we can fit for both VW T4 & T5 please see below for more information and prices. Sliding side window A sliding window can transform your van and there are a number of good reasons to have one. For example, if you have passengers in the back they can open it for air while travelling or if your cooking your fumes have somewhere to escape. A full gallery of photos can also be seen on the FB page

Volkswagen window Prices

£340 – Black Tinted Sliding Window Including Fitting VW T4/T5


VW T5 Fixed Side Window

A fixed side window enables you to get significantly more light into your van and transforms the look of your van on the outside. In addition, it is much more pleasant for people travelling in the back.


£190 – Black Tinted Fixed Window  VW T4/T5

£25 – If a hole needs cutting there will be a charge for this


Barn Door Window & Tailgate Window

Transform the look of the rear of your van by replacing the standard windows for new tinted windows.


£220 – Tinted Barn Door Window  VW T4/T5
£210 – Tinted Tailgate Window        VW T4/T5

Please get in contact with us if you would like to discuss any of the services we offer and for a personalised quote.

tinted window on camper van
tinted window on camper van
tinted window on camper van